Why We Use Hardwoods

July 06, 2022 2 min read

Why We Use Hardwoods

  We began our business with pine, which is where our business name originated from. We still prototype all of our designs in pine to begin any new piece because it is a cheaper material to work with. We made the switch from pine to hardwoods like walnut, cherry and ash when we felt we were ready to advance our craft. Many woodworkers understand the difficulty of switching from soft woods to hardwoods because it is more expensive, not as easily accessible and is more difficult to work with.

  We believe that the natural colors of hardwoods produce an overall more uniform and clean look. So, what is the difference? Hardwoods are more durable, like their name suggests, and some being harder to work with. The natural wood colors and grain are finished with an oil based polyurethane which will bring out the color and darken over time. The 3 options of hardwoods we use are the best options for furniture, they are all durable and beautiful in color.

  Softwoods like pine and poplar will dent more easily and are usually stained to be a desired color. 

Hardwoods We Use:

  Ash - a hardwood that can withstand being built into a piece of furniture but is light enough to be stained.

   Colors: Natural Ash is a golden yellow with hints of tan

                Ash Stained White is a light white color where you can still see the grain’s patterns, but it overall a white washed look

                Ash Stained Black is a jet black color, but you can still see the grain’s patterns

                Gray-Washed Ash is a classic washed look with gray undertones

  Walnut - the darkest hardwood option that we offer and can vary in color from light to dark brown. Walnut is a classic color that most homes already feature.

Cherry - an orange-ish natural hardwood that will darken quickly if in direct sunlight! Cherry is Nick’s favorite wood to work with because of it’s grain patterns.

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