The Production Process

July 06, 2022 1 min read

The Production Process

Woodworking is a skill that we taught ourselves via YouTube and a lot of trial and error. Here’s a simple breakdown of what our production looks like:

Step One:

  We source lumber from local lumber yards in the Dayton, Ohio area, choosing the best quality hardwoods we can find.

Step Two:

  Nick manages the milling process which includes breaking down the boards into useable sized pieces of lumber, cutting straight edges on a jointer, planing the surfaces and ripping them to size on the table saw. He organizes the pieces of wood into the various sizes we need for our table top blanks and legs.

Step Three:

  Kristina takes over the production with gluing the blanks together, planing the blanks again to create flat even surfaces and setting the blanks up on the CNC which will cut the table tops to the correct size. After the blanks are carved, we run them through a drum sander and follow that with sanding all table tops and legs by hand. Once everything is sanded, we start assembling the tables together and when the wood glue is dry, we apply multiple coats of finish.

Step Four:

  Kristina boxes up your order to ship out and for you to enjoy for years to come!

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