In 2018, we started our company by making custom signs and wedding decorations. We took a short break from building our business in 2019, to plan and build custom pieces for our wedding. The biggest piece that we built was our sweetheart table where Nick and I sat for the first time as husband and wife.

After our wedding, we bought our first home, where our sweetheart table is now our kitchen table. We started to build more furniture pieces for our house, which led to starting up the business again with small tables. Our first tables sold better than we expected and we were receiving requests for custom tables. We soon realized that there was a need for small furniture pieces that were both functional and beautiful. Every piece of furniture that we offer today was inspired by someone’s need for that specific design.

Our products bring together the finest materials and stunning design to create something very special. We believe in quality, care, and creating unique products that don't have to be replaced every time you change your home's aesthetic.

Nick has a passion for designing, testing and creating new pieces. His background in engineering, which is perfect for ensuring our furniture is constructed properly. Kristina has a background in marketing and hospitality. She manages the production, marketing, customer relations and order management. 

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