10 Ways To Organize Your Bathroom

February 12, 2023 1 min read

10 Ways To Organize Your Bathroom

Bathrooms don't have to be cluttered. Here are some ideas to help keep yours neat.

  1. Declutter your drawers and cabinets with items that aren't necessary 
  2. Store all your makeup, skin care and hair care products on the 3-tier shelf
  3. Put some pretty fabric storage cubes in the bottom tier of the shelf for washcloths and hand towels.
  4.  Use a decorative tote for storing extra toilet paper.
  5.  Put perfume, deodorant and elegantly packaged soaps on display to make it easy to find them.
  6.  In the middle tier of the shelf put some elegant baskets to keep things organized but still neat enough to look pretty on display.
  7.  Find 3 matching bins to create extra storage space in tight areas
  8.  Use a hanging organizer to store hair dryers, curling irons and blow dryers where they can stay out of sight but be easily accessible when you need them.
  9.  Keep cotton swabs and cotton balls in an apothecary jar on display, but don't forget about a lid to keep dust and moisture out.
  10. Roll towels on shelves


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