How to style a side table

December 31, 2022 2 min read

How to style a side table
How to style a side table
  • Pick a table shape
    • Round, square or rectangular
    • Consider the size of the room and current decor

  • Consider the size of the side table in relation to the space it's in
    • The size of the side table should be proportional to the room size, the main furniture and the location and size of the windows. 
    • If the side table is going to be next to a couch arm, does the size of the side table look proportional to the couch?
  • Decide if you're going to use your side table for storage or display
    • On a Liz Table the bottom can be used to store books vertically or across the bottom like a book shelf.
    • Display side tables are good for displaying items you want to show off, like a vase of flowers or a decorative bowl

  • If your main pieces of furniture are dark-colored, try a lighter shade side table! 
    • A side table of a lighter shade in a mostly dark colored room will a make the space lighter
    • Add contrast when you have a dark colored couch with a lighter colored side table - Ash is a great light colored hardwood option 
  • Lamps can give purpose to any side table 
    • Use to add light to the room
    • Lamps can be used to add a focal point in the room
    • Lamps of a contrasting shape or color will add a nice visual element to that area of the room

  • A vase full of fresh flowers adds life to a room and gives purpose to your side table
    • Flowers are a great way to add color
    • Display in a vase to decorate your side table
    • Seasonal flowers can be added like tulips in the spring
  • Stacks of books add visual interest and serves as a stand for whatever other decor piece you want on top of your side table
    • Books can be stacked in a variety of ways and in different directions
    • Use 2-3 books as a way to add height to a vase of flowers, lamp or other piece of decor
  • Side tables can be used creatively to bring together the look of an entire room
    • Creates a focal point
    • Can be used to display a collection of items or a family heirloom
    • Adds color and texture 

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