Stories Behind The Table Designs

April 12, 2024 2 min read

Stories Behind The Table Designs

Every piece tells a story. Our tables aren't just furniture; they're tales of inspiration, creativity, and the unique needs of our customers. Join us on a journey behind the scenes as we unravel the stories behind three of our most beloved table designs: the Liz table, the mini Martha table, and the wine mini Martha table.

1. The Liz Table: A Tribute to Sisterly Love Named after Kristina's sister, Liz, this table holds a special place in our hearts and in the homes of many. It all began when Liz moved into a cozy Philadelphia apartment and needed a table to fit in a narrow space between her couch and a wall. With Christmas approaching, she turned to us for help, and Nick sprang into action. After a week of prototyping, Liz dropped the bombshell – the table had to be only 6 inches wide! Undeterred, we went back to the drawing board and crafted a small side table that perfectly fit her space. Today, the Liz table stands as a testament to sisterly love and the power of custom craftsmanship.

2. The Mini Martha Table: From Speaker Stands to Stylish Side Tables When Martha approached us for custom speaker stands, little did we know that her request would inspire a whole new table design. After crafting the walnut stands to her specifications, we realized their potential as stylish side tables. With a few tweaks to the dimensions, the pillar side table was born! Martha's request not only resulted in a functional solution for her speakers but also sparked a creative evolution in our product line.

3. The Wine Mini Martha Table: Where Wine and Woodworking Collide Sometimes, the best ideas come from unexpected places – like TikTok comments. When Mike suggested adding slots to hold wine glasses to our Mini Martha table, we knew we had struck gold. Combining two of our passions – wine and woodworking – we set out to create a table that was both practical and stylish. While we no longer offer a finished version of this table, we invite you to unleash your creativity with our table kit or downloadable template and craft your own wine-inspired masterpiece.

At TwentyFiveAndPine, every table tells a story. From custom requests to creative collaborations, our designs are born out of real-life inspiration and a dedication to craftsmanship. Join us in celebrating the stories behind our tables and discover the perfect piece to add to your home. Shop our collections of finished tables and DIY options 

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