CNC Files for Laptop Stand and Mouse Pad, CNC Router Project for Wood

Digital CNC Router DXF File: Laptop Stand & Mouse Pad Combo 

Elevate your workspace with this cutting-edge Digital CNC Router DXF File, designed for crafting a sleek and functional laptop stand and mouse pad duo from sturdy plywood. Embrace the perfect blend of modern design and practicality as you create a personalized work oasis right at your fingertips.

🪄 Why Choose This DXF File?
✔️ Premium Precision: Each design element is expertly measured and crafted for a flawless fit.
✔️ Easy Customization: Modify dimensions and details to suit your preferences and workspace.
✔️ Versatile Material: Use plywood, MDF, or other compatible materials for a personalized touch. (750 file for .75" material and 703 file for less than .75" material
✔️ Instant Download: Begin your project right away with quick access to the digital file.

[Please note that this listing is for a digital DXF file, and not a physical product. The images are for illustrative purposes only and made with 3/4" Cherry or Birch Plywood.]
Why You'll Love It

The perfect size for small spaces, this table will fit between a wall and the couch, or anywhere else you need to be a little cozy.

Care Instructions


Wipe clean with a microfiber cloth and use a gentle cleaner if needed. Furniture polish and degreaser are not recommended.

The hardwoods we use will naturally darken over time and will change more rapidly in direct sunlight.

Add weight to the bottom of our tables for additional stability.

Over time, the floors in a home can become uneven. The rubber feet on the bottom of our tables can be adjusted by tightening or loosening the screws to relevel the table.

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